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Dr. Michael Harrington, MD

  • Experienced internal medicine professional with an interest in aesthetics.
  • Holds degrees from UNC Wilmington and Saba University School of Medicine.
  • Hospitalist Attending at Atrium Mercy Hospital since 2015.
  • Certified in Internal Medicine, BLS, ACLS, and aesthetics.

Dr. Michael Harrington is a distinguished medical professional with extensive experience in internal medicine and a keen interest in aesthetics. Based in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Harrington brings a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate approach to patient care, making him an invaluable asset to Novella Form & Facial.

Educational Background:
Dr. Harrington began his academic journey at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry. His dedication to excellence was evident early on, as he graduated Summa Cum Laude and completed an Honors Research Project in Biochemistry.

Pursuing his passion for medicine, Dr. Harrington obtained his Medical Degree from Saba University School of Medicine in the Netherland Antilles. He continued his training with an Internal Medicine Residency at New Hanover Regional Medical Center in Wilmington, NC, where he served as Chief Resident in his final year.

Professional Experience:
Since 2015, Dr. Harrington has been a Hospitalist Attending at Atrium Mercy Hospital in Charlotte, NC. In this role, he has consistently demonstrated core values of teamwork, quality, and innovation in providing inpatient medical care. He is also actively involved in the education of medical and pharmacy students and the supervision of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners.

Skills and Contributions:
Dr. Harrington is proficient in Cerner and Epic electronic medical record systems and has served as a North Carolina Board Superuser for Epic. His commitment to improving healthcare systems is further reflected in his participation in the IT and Ethics Committees at Atrium Mercy Hospital.

Certifications and Continuing Education:
Dr. Harrington holds North Carolina Board Certification in Internal Medicine and is certified in HIPAA, Basic Life Support (BLS), and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS). He has also completed the Allergan Medical Institute Accelerate Program in Aesthetics, highlighting his commitment to integrating aesthetic treatments into his practice.

Honors and Recognitions:
Throughout his academic and professional career, Dr. Harrington has been recognized for his outstanding achievements, including making the Dean’s List at Saba University and graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

At Novella Form & Facial, Dr. Harrington combines his extensive medical expertise with a passion for aesthetics, ensuring that each patient receives personalized, high-quality care. His approach is honest, unfiltered, and approachable, aligning perfectly with Novella's values of transparency and excellence.

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Bri Brower

Expert Aesthetician

  • Over 4 years of helping women feel confident
  • Novella at Home Skincare Trainer
  • Skinbetter Science Expert
  • Novella Experience Certified

Bri's journey to Novella Form and Facial is a narrative rich with rhythm, grace, and a deep-rooted passion for beauty and wellness. From the tender age of three, Bri was introduced to the world of dance, embarking on a path that would not only shape her career but also her philosophy on health and beauty. As a 7X National Champion competitive dancer and later a professional dancer for the NBA, Bri learned the art of performance and the importance of maintaining both external and internal wellness.

Early in life, Bri faced challenges with her skin that led her to develop a sophisticated skincare regimen by the sixth grade. This early encounter with skincare sparked a lifelong passion that perfectly complemented her understanding of body care learned through dance. Her dual experiences made her acutely aware of the intricate link between internal health and external beauty—a connection that would guide her future endeavors.

While dazzling crowds and performing high-energy routines for the Charlotte Hornets, Bri encountered hormonal health issues that deepened her interest in holistic wellness. This challenge led her down a path of discovery, learning how deeply interconnected the health of one's body is with the appearance of one's skin. It was during this period of personal health exploration that Bri's commitment to wellness and skincare became even more intertwined.

When Bri discovered Novella Form and Facial, she knew she had found a place that resonated deeply with her own values. Novella's philosophy of honoring each individual’s journey and story echoed Bri’s own experiences and her holistic approach to beauty. The environment at Novella, which emphasizes customizing treatments to meet the specific needs of each client, aligned perfectly with Bri’s belief in personalized care.

Her educational journey, though untraditional, has been rich and focused. Armed with a cosmetology license but with a firm intent on mastering esthetics, Bri has practiced esthetics for five years, combining the human touch with safe, innovative technologies to achieve remarkable results. At Novella, she is excited to leverage these skills to open new doors for clients, guiding them through transformative experiences that not only enhance their beauty but also contribute to their overall wellness.

Bri is particularly passionate about being a symbol of peace and inspiration for her clients. She aims to create a sanctuary where clients can relax and be assured that they are receiving the utmost care, tailored specifically to their needs. Her mantra, “Old keys won't open new doors,” reflects her philosophy of continual growth and exploration, both for herself and for those she serves.

Now, as she writes the next chapter of her story at Novella, Bri is not just an esthetician; she is a guide, a confidante, and a visionary in the world of beauty and wellness. Her journey—from the dance floor to the treatment room—illustrates a life dedicated to unlocking beauty, one client at a time, at Novella Form and Facial.

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Jessica Flinn

Experience Manager

  • Focused on guest experience and the way you feel when you leave
  • Over 10 years experience in exceptional customer service

In the ever-evolving narrative of beauty and wellness, Jess Flinn emerges as a key character in the vibrant tapestry of Novella Form & Facial. From her early days, health and wellness were not merely interests but integral chapters of her life story, driven by the belief that the foundation of all happiness lies in good health. This philosophy guided her through various stages of her life, eventually intertwining with her professional aspirations.

Jess's journey took a captivating turn during her formidable years, where she excelled as a top real estate agent. Her career was marked by a decade of dedication, where she not only crafted beautiful spaces but also facilitated life-changing decisions for her clients, ensuring each transaction resonated with care and quality. Despite her success, Jess's narrative yearned for more—more connection, more passion, more ways to enrich lives on a personal level.

During a period of global introspection brought on by the Covid pandemic, Jess’s path veered into the world of aesthetics. What started as a curiosity soon blossomed into a fervent passion. The aesthetic industry's promise of regeneration and rejuvenation captivated her, revealing treatments that didn’t just delay signs of aging but actively revived the body’s own youthful vigor.

Armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design from East Carolina University and enriched by her extensive experience in creating and managing beautiful, functional spaces, Jess found a new home in Charlotte in 2012. It was here, amid the bustling energy and growth, that she discovered her true calling in the medspa setting. The opportunity at Novella Form & Facial was a serendipitous moment, a perfect alignment of her personal interests and professional expertise.

Joining Novella, Jess stepped into the role of Experience Manager, a position that allows her to blend her knack for detailed, attentive service with her newfound passion for aesthetics. Just as she once guided clients through the emotional journey of buying a home, she now embarks on a similar path with Novella’s clients, guiding them through their own transformative beauty and wellness journeys.

At Novella, Jess is more than a manager; she is a storyteller, a facilitator of change, and a companion in each client's journey toward self-discovery and renewal. Her commitment to providing high-quality service is unwavering, driven by a deep understanding of the emotional and physical investments her clients make. Jess looks forward to building relationships from the ground up, joining clients on their paths to beauty and wellness, ensuring that every chapter they write at Novella is one filled with care, transformation, and satisfaction.

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Taylor Easton

Expert Injector

  • Over 9 years of injection transformations
  • Certified in Allergan, Revance, and Galderma injectables
  • Novella Experience Certified

In the narrative of Novella Form & Facial, where every individual's story of beauty and wellness is uniquely crafted, Taylor Easton emerges as a protagonist whose life is deeply rooted in a legacy of healthcare and nurturing. Inspired by the strong, healthcare-driven women in her family, Taylor’s early life was set against a backdrop of compassion and care, elements that would shape her future and passion.

Taylor’s journey began in the field of dietetics, drawn by an intrinsic understanding of the vital link between nutrition and wellness. However, as she ventured further, the allure of a more direct impact on individual health led her to nursing, a field echoing with the influences of her grandmother's meticulous skincare rituals. These rituals, imprinted in Taylor’s memory, were not merely routines but profound acts of self-care that revealed the potential for transformation within the layers of the skin.

While pursuing her nursing education, Taylor's creative spirit sought a path less traveled. She was drawn not to the halls of hospitals but to the more intimate settings of aesthetic care, where her artistic sensibilities could thrive alongside her medical expertise. Her initial foray into aesthetics through sclerotherapy illuminated her path further, fueling a passion for helping individuals enhance their physical appearance and, by extension, their inner confidence.

Taylor’s aesthetic journey evolved from sclerotherapy to mastering the delicate art of injectables. Under the mentorship of renowned experts, she honed her skills in administering Botox and fillers, each client’s face a canvas for her to blend science with artistry. Her repertoire expanded over the years to include advanced techniques and technologies, from laser treatments to medical-grade skincare, all aimed at prejuvenation and rejuvenation—the preservation and restoration of youth and vitality.

Her transition to Novella Form & Facial marks a pivotal chapter in her story. Here, Taylor finds a confluence of her skills and Novella’s visionary approach to aesthetics, where innovation meets individual care. At Novella, Taylor is more than a practitioner; she is a storyteller, each treatment a narrative of transformation. Her clients are characters in their own stories of beauty, each with unique challenges and triumphs, and Taylor is there to guide them through each chapter of change.

Taylor’s role at Novella is underscored by a philosophy of deep personal connection. She views her interactions in the treatment room not just as appointments, but as opportunities to build relationships, understanding each client's unique life story and tailoring her approach to reflect their individual needs and desires. For Taylor, aesthetics is not merely about external beauty but about fostering well-being and confidence that resonate deeply within her clients.

Embracing her faith as a guiding light, Taylor believes her journey to Novella is divinely inspired, a perfect alignment of her passion, skills, and the values of Novella. She sees herself as blessed to live out her calling, helping others realize their aesthetic and wellness goals in a setting that values compassion and personalized care.

With a heart full of gratitude and a toolkit brimming with expertise, Taylor Easton stands ready at Novella to help each client sculpt their narrative of beauty, ensuring that every story is as radiant as it is resilient.

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Casey Finch Price

Expert Aesthetician

  • Former Esthetics Instructor
  • Over 8 years of helping women feel confident
  • Novella at Home Skincare Trainer
  • Skinbetter Science Expert
  • Novella Experience Certified

In the heart of Novella Form & Facial, where stories of transformation are crafted daily, there stands a pivotal character, Casey Finch Price, a beacon of expertise and passion in the realm of medical aesthetics. Licensed as both an esthetician and an instructor, Casey's journey is one of profound dedication and transformation.

Eight years ago, Casey embarked on a professional path that would not only change her life but also the lives of those she touched. Her early days were marked by an insatiable curiosity about the skin—the body's largest and most telling organ. Her hands learned the language of touch, and through them, she communicated care and craft, bringing relief and radiance to weary skin.

Casey's passion for aesthetics deepened as she stepped into the role of an educator. For three years, she shaped the minds and skills of aspiring estheticians, imparting her knowledge and enthusiasm. She taught them not just techniques but the art of empathy and understanding, crucial for anyone who seeks to heal through aesthetics.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation, Casey transitioned to medical aesthetics, where technology and tradition blend to create groundbreaking treatments. It was in this arena that she discovered the power of merging medical advancements with holistic approaches—a methodology inspired by her personal battle with hormonal imbalances, which taught her the delicate balance necessary for health and beauty.

At Novella, Casey is known not just for her skilled hands but also for her philosophical approach to beauty. She believes that the best results come from understanding the individual narratives of her clients' lives. This belief leads her to advocate for treatments that respect and enhance natural beauty rather than remake it entirely.

She stands firmly on the side of manual techniques, valuing the timeless artistry that comes from the direct touch of a skilled esthetician. Yet, she embraces modern technology, understanding that innovation often holds the key to the most effective treatments.

Casey's story at Novella is one of a continuous journey towards greater knowledge and deeper compassion. She creates a space where clients feel understood and valued, a place where they can embark confidently on their own stories of transformation. With Casey at their side, clients are not just treated; they are taught, touched, and transformed, embarking on a path to both external beauty and internal balance.

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Camryn Coogan

Assistant Director- Experience, Marketing & Special Events

  • Experienced in marketing and welllness
  • Comitted to community and innovation in beauty and wellness

Camryn Coogan’s story at Novella Form and Facial is a vivid tapestry woven with threads of passion, innovation, and community. Born and raised in Charlotte, NC, Camryn’s journey into the realms of beauty and wellness was sparked by a simple yet profound realization about self-care—it’s a transformative act of self-love. This epiphany came to her during a period of personal exploration into skincare routines, where she witnessed firsthand the empowering effects of dedicated self-care.

Fascinated by the science behind wellness and beauty, Camryn understood early on that the beauty industry was much more than surface deep. It's about the stories we tell through our skincare and wellness routines and how these routines reflect and affect our personal narratives. With a spirit ignited by these insights, Camryn pursued her education with vigor and purpose, graduating Magna Cum Laude from East Carolina University. Her college years were marked by leadership and service—she led the National Retail Federation chapter, participated in multiple clubs, and engaged deeply with community service, truly embodying the spirit of proactive engagement and leadership.

Her professional path was equally dynamic, beginning with a pivotal internship at Pure Barre, where she managed digital content and campaigns, sharpening her skills in connecting with audiences through the powerful mediums of social media and marketing. This role was a prelude to her deeper involvement in the wellness industry, where she served as a Sales Associate at Hand and Stone, further cementing her passion for personal wellness and client-centric service.

Camryn’s story took a serendipitous turn when she discovered Novella Form and Facial being built in her hometown. Driven by an intuitive sense that this was exactly what Wesley Chapel needed, she leveraged her extensive experience as a social media influencer and her deep-rooted community connections to join Novella. Here, she found a role that perfectly aligned with her career aspirations and personal philosophy—a blend of beauty, wellness, and community engagement.

As Assistant Director - Experience, Marketing, and Special Events, Camryn is a cornerstone of Novella, enhancing every client’s journey with her expertise and empathetic approach. She believes in treating the whole person, not just the skin or body, and is committed to understanding each client’s unique story. Her approach is holistic and personalized, ensuring that each treatment plan respects the individual’s lifestyle, goals, and personal beauty narrative.

Camryn contributes to Novella’s mission by weaving science, specialty, and personal stories into a seamless client experience. She listens intently to each person’s needs and incorporates their stories into their care plans, making the Novella experience deeply personal and impactful. It’s about more than the latest techniques and products; it’s about how these elements are meaningfully integrated into each client's life.

Looking ahead, Camryn is excited to continue growing with Novella, pushing the boundaries of what can be offered in the beauty and wellness space. Her mantra, “Embrace your journey, nourish your soul, and let your beauty shine from within,” reflects her commitment to empowering clients to feel their best, nurturing their journey every step of the way.

Camryn Coogan’s narrative at Novella is one of passion, innovation, and heartfelt service, making her an essential character in the ongoing story of Novella Form and Facial—where beauty meets wellness, and every treatment is a chapter in each client’s personal story of transformation.

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Allie Hogge

Expert Injector

  • Over 8 years of injection transformations
  • Certified in Allergan, Revance, and Galderma injectables
  • Novella Experience Certified

Allie Hogge's journey through the realms of beauty and wellness reads like a vivid narrative, where each chapter reveals deeper layers of passion and dedication. From her early days, inspired by her mother’s recognition of her natural compassion, Allie was destined to make a profound impact on the lives of others, both in healthcare and aesthetics.

Her story began at the University of South Carolina, where she pursued and achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing in 2011. The rigorous training and intense experiences of working in an Intensive Care Unit sharpened her abilities in quick decision-making and resilience, skills that would later prove invaluable in the delicate and precise world of aesthetic nursing.

The turning point in Allie’s narrative came during a transformative visit as a patient to a plastic surgery office. The welcoming atmosphere, marked by gentle aromas and the joyful expressions of those around her, ignited a spark within Allie. This encounter was a call to adventure, urging her to blend her foundational nursing skills with her growing passion for beauty and wellness.

Guided by this new purpose, Allie embraced the world of aesthetics with open arms, graduating from Esthetician school in 2015. A year later, she transitioned into a pivotal role as an injection nurse and laser specialist at a renowned plastic surgery office. It was here that Allie found her true calling—helping individuals enhance their inner well-being, which naturally reflected in their outer beauty.

Her commitment to mastery and excellence led her to a specialized lip class taught by the esteemed injector Julie Horne, further refining her technique and ensuring she remained at the forefront of the latest advancements in the field. Allie’s dedication to continuous learning and improvement is a testament to her deep commitment to her clients’ care.

Joining Novella Form & Facial was a defining moment in Allie’s career. It was an opportunity to be part of something from inception, allowing her to weave her extensive medical knowledge with her passion for aesthetics into the very fabric of Novella’s identity. As a foundational team member, Allie has played a crucial role in shaping the establishment’s ethos and practices, ensuring that each client’s experience is not only transformative but also deeply nurturing.

Every day, Allie awakens with a renewed passion for her craft and an eagerness to contribute to her clients' journeys of self-discovery and transformation. At Novella, she continues to be a beacon of empathy and expertise, dedicated to empowering individuals to feel confident and radiant. Her story is one of continuous growth, driven by a profound desire to blend the art of aesthetics with the science of nursing—a journey not just of treating but truly understanding and transforming lives at Novella Form & Facial.

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Micah McGowan

Weight Loss, PA-C

  • Over 12 Advanced Injectable Courses Completed
  • Trained in Injection Complications
  • Former background in Nutrition
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy Advocate