The Novella

Have you ever known the insatiable feeling of not enough?

There once was a woman with an appetite for captivating stories. She opened every book and turned every page with intrigue and intensity. She couldn’t get enough. Her acute sensitivity saw every narrative as a unique story that demanded to be told.

She sat with every story. Cared for each character. It was a care that ran so deep, she herself stepped into the story. She became part of the arc of what was and what is to come.

Her name is Novella.

The place where your story is discovered through sincerity, specialty, and science—transforming the pages of what may have been seen as a setback into a life-changing arc.

Each chapter that you tell her becomes refined with a curiosity and care that only fits within your own pages.

And so, all of these stories became a collection. A library where no two autobiographies are the same: Novella Form & Facial.

Discover Your Story